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Finance and Accounting MeMOS

finance and accounting research brought to life


FAMe Jagazine exists for the benefit of academic finance research. FAMe's goal is to broaden the impact of academic finance and accounting research beyond our ivory walls. Creating one issue of FAMe has direct costs of about $50,000, largely financed out of pocket by ourselves, which is not counting the time and effort of everyone involved. We are not a profitable publication. Our goal is to cover our outlays.

Its success depends entirely on the goodwill and support of the community, both for article content and for financial support. It is an experiment in publishing. If support is not forthcoming, eventually FAMe will fold. Again, our goal is to be affordable and maximize the distribution of content, not to make money. Any financial support—from the choices below—should be understood primarily as support of FAMe's mission, not as the purchase of a service or good.

We cannot spread costs over a large subscriber base—we are not The Economist. We also do not have a customer service department. The customer service group is just us.

Individual Support / Subscriptions

We are a very small 4-person outfit. We operate on a very scant budget and the honor system. (We could aggressively enforce the IP on institutional subscriptions, but we would rather not.) Please help us if you want us to continue. We have deliberately low prices. Our plan is publish 2 issues per year in 2015, 3 in 2016, and 4 in 2017.

To help underwrite our efforts, please consider purchasing a $50 or $100 annual subscription, especially if you can cover this subscription expense from your research budget. There is a paypal button on our website (click here). The paypal receipt should make it easy to be reimbursed as a research expense. We promise to keep subscribers up-to-date on new issues. The content is available in pdf format for self-printing, but per request, we will send printed copies.

Full Subscription, $100/yr
Half Subscription or Non-Academic, $50/yr

We promise to keep subscribers up-to-date on the content. The content is available in pdf format. Per request, we will send printed copies.


The library/institutional subscription fee is the same price as the individual subscription fee (and paid the same way). The $100 subscription fee entitles libraries to make the content available to their patrons online. (Enforcement is on the honor system; payment for subscription is not.) Without subscription, non-third-world libraries/institutions are prohibited to use FAMe.

We consider $100/year to be a reasonable contribution for any non-third-world library or institution. We hope we will not have to enforce this with IP lawyers.

Library Subscription, $100/yr

Corporate Sponsorship

We accept corporate sponsorship. The suggested sponsorship contribution is $10,000. This includes acknowledgment of sponsorship on the front page and a full ad page inside the issue. Please contact Lily Qiu or Ivo Welch for more information.

The first issue was sponsored by our only current corporate sponsor, Research Affiliates. We will be looking for more future sponsors.

Advertising and Announcements

For advertisement inquiries, please email Lily Qiu. Our rates are $1,000 for two full pages and $500 for an announcement at the rear. We cannot handle smaller advertisements due to overhead costs.

Separation of Content and Financial Support (Editorial Policy)

We maintain strict non-influence of financial support on publication content. That is, we are as inclined to publish MeMOs critical of our sponsors and advertisers as we are to publish MeMOs that are not critical of them. Put simply, we cannot be bought.

All articles published in FAMe reflect the opinions of the article authors; not the opinions of FAMe, its editorial team, or its financial supporters.

Launch Sponsor

We thank Research Affiliates for sponsoring our launch issue.