June 2014

FAMe Style Guidelines


Memos are easier to prepare than full articles, but they are different. Chances are that your research will get ten times as many memo readers as original paper readers, so it is well-worth putting in the effort. A memo does not need to contain everything. Interested researchers will go to your main article. Before you start, please take a look at a few sample MeMos, so that you understand the goal and guideines of the FAMe style, both in syntax and semantics.

Use this document as a checklist.


Both Tables and Figures



If they are simple, we can and often prefer to regraph simple x-y figures for you. This will look good, because most other figures in the same issue are then typeset consistently. We cannot re-graph more complex graphs. If we can redo your graphs, we will take a brief look at your own sample output plot and try to mimick your choices (relative line-width or dashes).


Final Corrections